About Happy Tree Nursery Why we are the number 1 choice for the parents?

Our Aim The Happy Tree Way

To provide children with challenging and enjoyable experiences, whilst offering affordable excellence. Valuing children, parents and teachers is at the centre of our philosophy.

High staff/child ratios

The Government lays down minimum staff/child ratios according to children’s age. We staff the nursery to ensure we exceed these ratios. We believe that this provides both a safer and more stimulating environment for children to grow and develop. Our carefully selected teachers are joined by training students/ apprentices. Our in-house training Academy gives us the ability to provide a full range of learning and play activities with the children.


Quality is central to our ethos. You would not compromise on quality when it comes to your child’s welfare and neither do we! We employ a dedicated Quality Director to ensure that every aspect of the nursery and its operation conforms to the very highest standards and industry best practices. Auralern, our in-house training academy provides continuous professional development to all our teachers to ensure best practice.

Partnership with parents

Happy Tree Nursery recognises that parents and families are the most important people in children’s lives, and that parents are the child’s first educator. Shared experiences at home have an important impact on children’s social, emotional, and intellectual development. Key and familiar persons in the nursery aim to respect and value parents by listening, engaging and involving them in their child’s learning and to offer sensitive support during times of transition. Regular updates, newsletters and communications through the First Steps app, keep parents informed of their child’s progress and planned activities. Each child has an individual development journal and these are accessible to parents at any time. We hold regular progress reviews and complete quarterly assessment reports.

Auralern Academy of Childcare Professionals

Happy Tree has its own in-house training Academy. Our founders insist on only the very best and fully trained team. Auralern Academy provides nursery staff for not only Happy Tree but nurseries throughout the area. Placement students are fully supervised as they work alongside fully qualified teachers and the focus on training and best practice is always at the forefront of everything we do.

Familiar carer

Each child will be allocated a Key Person throughout their time at Happy Tree. We aim to ensure that wherever possible that the key person stays with the child as they progress. The Key Person will liaise with the parents on a regular basis and update them on their child’s development. As children transition from one room to another, a familiar teacher will always move with the child to ensure the smooth transition.

Safe and secure environment

Providing a safe and secure environment for all our children and staff is a key priority we take very seriously. We have created a culture and ethos where safeguarding is at the forefront of everyday practice in the nursery. We occupy a purpose built nursery, designed to ensure your child grows and develops to their full potential. Whether inside or outside the building all the play areas are supervised and we regularly inspect equipment, doors, locks and fences to provide peace of mind.

We carefully select our staff, checking personal and employment references and obtaining clearance from the Disclosure and Barring Service. In addition, all rooms have CCTV installed.  All teachers are trained in first aid and the latest health and safety procedures. All visitors to the nursery are accompanied throughout the building and we have strict security procedures regarding authorised collection of your child.

Regular trips and outings

We believe children thrive in different and stimulating environments. The Nursery and outdoor area provide a diverse range of activities for children. 

Children are encouraged to play outside as much as possible and investigate and explore the environment. Our high staff/child ratios allow us to take the children on regular trips and outings making the most of the local community and amenities.

Our Pedagogy

Our pedagogy is child centred and focuses on teaching through play.

It is now a well established concept that children develop and learn best through play. We value and celebrate the diversity of our community

Happy Tree provides the ideal environment for your child to grow and enhance their physical, intellectual, emotional, social and communication development which in turn prepares them for school.

Affordable Excellence

We are not ashamed to say it…we offer a high quality, first rate service at a competitive, value for money price. We understand that parents have a choice when it comes to nursery provision and you can be reassured that Happy Tree ensures both excellence and affordability.