• Dedicated Baby Unit
  • Safe and Secure Environment
  • Learning Through Play
  • High Staff / Child Ratio
  • Fun Friendly and Stimulating
  • Open 7.30am to 6.30pm
  • Regular Trips and Outings
  • Healthy and nutritious Meals

Welcome to Happy Tree Nursery West Drayton

Happy Tree Nursery West Drayton

About Happy Tree Nursery Realise and Expand a Child's Potential

The Nursery opened in January 2010. It is purpose-built and caters for children aged between 3 months and 5 years. We do not see children as empty vessels waiting eagerly to be filled with knowledge, we strongly believe that children have unlimited potential and are eager to interact with and contribute to the world around them. We believe that children have a fundamental right to “realise and expand their potential”.

We would like to invite you to view our premises at your leisure and speak to us about all your childcare requirements. We would be pleased to show you around our facilities, both indoors & outdoors, and to introduce you to our dedicated childcare staff to enable you to make the right decisions for your child’s care.

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Our Mission Statement Children are at the centre of all that we do.

Our aim is to ensure that every child and their family have access to a caring, stimulating and educational environment in order to facilitate their development and learning.

We believe that children love to learn and that this is instinctive to them. The ways in which they approach this is through concentration, enjoyment of play, being inquisitive and discovery.

We know children’s brains develop rapidly from birth to five, however, there is a surge at two. Therefore, we make sure that staff understand the importance of these stages in terms of language, emotional and social development. This requires consistency of staff as it is vital for children to have secure attachment figures in their time at the nursery.

In order to facilitate this drive to learn, Happy Tree staff utilise their skills in observing, assessing, planning and implementing age and stage appropriate activities. Staff communicate, model and “scaffold” children’s development so that they achieve skills and progress on to their next stage of learning.

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Learning through play
Partnership with parents
Quality, Care and Education
Freshly cooked meals
Affordable Excellence

Testimonials Parents Speak

Amazing nursery

I can’t thank the staff enough for all they have done for my daughter in a short space of time my daughter would never leave my side but as soon as she started at this nursery after 1 week I saw a massive different she never settled at previous nursies before so this shows how amazing the staff are they give 100 % to each child thanks again happy tree

Daniellemcnamara / frankies mum

Best nursery

My daughter Asmara loves this nursery and of course we parents too. My daughter has improved a lot. The staff there Jeanette, Sandeep, staff in willow room as well are so nice. My daughter communicates so well now. Last month, we enrolled her in another room for more hours, my daughter loved going there as well. So, the whole staff in all rooms are very very helpful, caring and supporting. I can say, the staff is preparing my daughter so well for reception. Asmara has started eating food which she always disliked at home. A big thanks you to happy Tree.

Heena Kapoor

A place for the biggest change in your kid- A big positive change

I am very very grateful and thankful to Happy Tree nursery. When my daughter joined that nursery, she could hardly speak words. She used to communicate with words. Now, within months, my daughter has started speaking sentences. She communicates so well in English now. In fact she is a very confident girl now. My daughter loves her teachers. She tells all colours, counting is very good, she makes shapes with clay. I have seen huge difference in my daughter. Parents, please go for Happy Tree nursery. Don’t think twice about your decision. You will notice a big positive change in your kid within a month.

Varun Gambhir

Caring, loving and enjoyable staff

Happy tree really taught many things to my daughter. The staff, vice principal, deputy principal, carers all are very good. My daughter joined the nursery in September 2021 and within a month I could see difference in my daughter. She loves being there. When she joined the nursery she could speak words only. Now, my daughter is speaking full sentence with no errors. She loves going there. She loves the staff so much that she wants to go to the nursery even on weekends. Parents please do enrol your kid in Happy Tree. seriously, the nursery is very good. Staff is so caring. My daughter used to wear nappy whole night and when we used to go out. the staff over there is so helpful that now my daughter doesn’t wear nappy. All the credit goes to the staff. Whenever I had met Principal or deputy Principal, I was treated very warmly. My husband and I are so much thankful to happy tree.

Heena Kapoo

I love this nursery it has all the top quality services for kids and staff

I’m very impressed with happy tree nursery and amazing staff very helpful and caring, make me fill confidence in surroundings and duties, very clean and hygienic in the kitchen,a good selection of healthy ingredients for children.

Rumyana Protopopoba

They are all very helpful and kind

The nursery premises are well kept and highly organised by the large team.
They are all very helpful and kind, attentive to each and every special need.
We feel safe and happy to leave our child full time with them!

Irene Brunetti-Fusillo

The nursery prepared him very well for school

The nursery prepared him very well for school. He settled in quickly and formed friends and I could hear him talking about the ‘rules’ they discussed at nursery, in terms of being nice to each other.

Marius Cacau

Really impressed with this nursery

I am really impressed with this nursery, the way they included us in my grandson’s learning and gave us opportunities to join in activities was very exciting. My grandson has developed such a rich vocabulary and uses ‘let me think’ a lot when I ask him something he does not know.

Irina Oniga

Absolutely loved this nursery

Absolutely loved this nursery for my daughter. She has come on leaps and bounds and has been very well prepared for Primary School. All of the carers are really nice and are really committed to the children. The food choices are very varied and nutritious.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this nursery and will be sad when she has to leave.

Naomi Neita

Great place with friendly and skilled staff

Great place with friendly and skilled staff. My son loves to go there and he has improved speaking, listening, sharing and confidence since he started. I feel confident when I leave him there because I know staff members are taking good care of him.
The staff are amazing and genuinely enjoy and provide amazing care for the children.
Very good nursery, Staff is the best!!
Would recommend 100%!!

Mariana Eremia

Range of activities and themed lessons is impressive

Our daughter loves Happy Tree Nursery. The staff have been brilliant at getting to know her needs and communicating all her achievements with us. The range of activities and themed lessons is impressive. We would recommend this nursery to others.

Rosie Woodbury

Delighted with this nursery

Delighted with this nursery – our son enters happy and leaves happy. The nursery makes excellent use of the ParentLink app so that we can track his meals, sleep as well as recording his learning progress and even see photos of what he is doing. He is learning so much at Happy Tree and the staff all seem to have genuine interest and affection for him. The management and staff are extremely accommodating and flexible and put in a huge amount of effort to create an individual service.

Richard Jones

Everything I could hope for from a nursery

The team at Happy Tree are fantastic. They really fill me with confidence that they are caring for my daughter. They are considerate, adaptable, great communicators, motivating. Everything I could hope for from a nursery.

Ravi Sandhu

Great nursery with nice premises and outdoor area

Great nursery with nice premises and outdoor area. The staff is extremely caring and lovely. My two sons attended from about eighteen months to reception, they both very much enjoyed it and had a wonderful time here. Food and menus are also amazing, very balanced and everything cooked and baked on-site.

G Tiphaine

Freshly prepared food

What impresses me the most is that all food is freshly prepared on site every day and not just brought in.

Modern space for your kids

Happy Tree is not just a converted building, I love the modern space.

Bonding staff members

My Grace has formed a bond with all members of staff.

Flexible timings

Happy Tree offer flexibility. I like the timings they offer

Easy to communicate and reach

“I can phone or visit the nursery at any time during the day.”

A place for kids to learn English

My child has learnt to speak English at Happy Tree.

Amazing toys for kids

The selection of toys are incredible.

Loving and enjoyable nursery

My son Jimmy enjoys nursery so much that when it is the end of his session he does not want to go home.

A place your kid will love to be

Freya leaves me every morning and never looks back.

Great food and staff

My son loves the food they serve at Happy Tree. Thomas is so comfortable with the staff, that I can leave him knowing he is happy.

Staff who care for your kid

Michelle has learnt so much about my baby and is shows, she is so professional and thorough. I can leave her knowing she is happy.

Activities and role plays to help kids grow

Happy Tree has really helped my little man grow.. Ethan is so happy to go to school and loves to participate in all the messy activities and role play.

Enjoyable environment

My daughter (Mara) has fitted in really well at Happy Tree. She really enjoys it there. Am very pleased with the nursery and the staff.

Highly organized premises with helpful, kind and attentive staff

The premises are well kept and highly organized. The staff is very helpful and kind, always attentive to all kinds of special needs. We feel safe and happy to leave our Chiara full time with them, and she also reports only good things ! Highly recommended

Caring and friendly staff

Caring and friendly staff who really take an interest in what my child enjoys

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